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THEMA: Area calculation
Area calculation vor 6 Jahren, 6 Monaten  
Hello all,

I would like to know if it is possible to add lighting with easylux but only on an area of the room.
By example if I can have 500 lux only on my desk and 200lux in the rest of the room.

Thank you
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Re:Area calculation vor 6 Jahren, 6 Monaten  
Hi brice57

It's not possible to assign lux requirements to certain areas in Easylux.

Relux Support
-- Relux Support --
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Re:Area calculation vor 6 Jahren, 6 Monaten  
And is it possible to do by an other way?
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Re:Area calculation vor 6 Jahren, 6 Monaten  
I always use the reference plane or the main area and add a measuring plane to the task area so you get two sets of results, but you do have to add the lighting manually etc, there is no automatic feature to calculate the number of luminaires to achieve specific lux levels at different points in a scene.
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