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.cdf files - import into relux Forum is locked
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TOPIC: .cdf files - import into relux
.cdf files - import into relux 8 Years ago  
I have sent some .cdf files to a client -.cdf files are what our accreditation bureau uses here in SA. He is using Relux and wants me to convert the files to a format that Relux will recognise and has asked for them in .ies format.

I have searched online but there is surprisingly little info on .cdf to .ies conversion and what there is is too technical for me.

If you can help it would be greatly appreciated

Last Edit: 2010/05/25 09:30 By charldew. Reason: Couldn't attach .cdf file
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Aw: .cdf files - import into relux 8 Years ago  

we don't have any experience with cdf-files and we do not offer a converter for this format.

  The topic has been locked.
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