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THEMA: Relux Suite 2012.2 BETA
Relux Suite 2012.2 BETA vor 5 Jahren, 10 Monaten  
Hi Guys,

Loving the new 2012.2 BETA version! Mmmmmmmm - boolean operators....

Just one thing - do you have a manual for the new features? It's just I saw one of your guys at Frankfurt doing things with the boolean functions that I couldn't work out how to do (like, editing which block is subtracted from which, as well as other things). Also, a manual for ReluxVivaldi would be handy, as we would like to have play around with it as much as possible during the BETA period to get an idea of whether we will buy it or not.

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Aw: Relux Suite 2012.2 BETA vor 5 Jahren, 10 Monaten  
Start => All Programms => ReluxSuiteBeta => New in 2012

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