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Please follow thes rules when posting new threads. Some of these also apply when replying in existing threads.

Remember that people are there to help, and they do so of their own free will. By following these rules, you make sure that people are more willing to help.

First of all: Download the latest version of our software

1. Search before posting. Before posting a question or comment, please take the time to search the forum for existing discussions on the subject you are thinking of posting about. If you find an existing thread which seems to describe the problem you are having, post there instead of starting a new thread.

2. Post in the right forum. Try to find the most appropriate forum for your post. If you are in doubt whether you are posting in the right forum or not, mention that in your thread, and a moderator can help by explaining it to you, and moving the thread to the right forum.

3. English is the preferred language in this forum. Your chance for an answer is highest in this language. However you are free to write in your native language, but the Relux team can only answer to contributions in English and German language.

4. Use descriptive thread titles. Try to summarize your post in the title. It should reflect the content of your post. "ReluxPro crashes" is a bad summary. "ReluxPro crashes when importing an AutoCAD plan" is a good summary. As a rule of thumb, use at least three words in the subject. However, try to keep it brief.

5. Be specific and to the point. Lenghty rants can be a pain to read, and so the chances of a useful reply are drastically reduced. Remember, your audience is comprised of other users of our software who help you in their own free time. Keep it brief, and focus on the actual topic. Use paragraph and bulleted lists to make it easier to read.

6. Include all relevant information. Describe the problem briefly, but completely. Include the full error message, if any. If you are having problem, include the exact circumstances and explain what the problem is and how it can be reproduced. List your operating system, system specs (CPU, RAM, etc.), and so on.

You may want to report back if a problem you posted about is solved, in order to let others know what worked for you. Other people may benefit from this in the future.

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