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We are pleased to be able to present the list of current Relux members. For further information, direct links are provided to the websites of all the member companies.

You can also download the manufacturer's data from this page. The service is only available to registered users.

You should save the file in a temporary folder and start it by double-clicking it in Explorer. The installation will start automatically. Before you can use the product data, you will need to have either ReluxPick or ReluxPro installed on your computer.

No guarantee claims will be accepted for luminaire data. The manufacturer does not assume any liability for consequential damage or damage suffered by the user or third parties.

3F Filippi international 2016/11/17 16:29:28Download
A.L.S. international 2016/11/04 15:54:44Download
AEC Illuminazione international 2016/11/25 11:23:03Download
ANSELL international 2016/12/05 18:16:35Download
Ansorg international 2016/10/10 15:09:47Download
ARTEKO-LED international
Aurora international 2014/06/11 16:55:56Download
BÄRO international 2015/09/29 12:43:43Download
Belux international 2010/03/01 15:00:00Download
BRUMBERG international 2016/09/28 16:21:53Download
CREE Europe international 2016/10/05 23:22:59Download
Delta Light international 2016/12/01 08:42:16Download
Dextra Group PLC United Kingdom 2016/12/06 08:38:30Download
Durlum international 2015/08/14 12:00:00Download
Eaton (Cooper) international 2016/12/06 12:55:04Download
EEE international
Elettroplastica international 2016/09/02 15:29:05Download
ERCO international 2016/02/11 12:00:00Download
ESYLUX international 2016/10/21 11:10:04Download
Feller Switzerland 2016/07/08 12:00:00Download
Fluolite Germany 2016/12/07 15:07:29Download
Fluora international 2016/11/28 13:26:24Download
FRISCH-Licht international 2016/12/06 12:00:00Download
Glamox Luxo Lighting international 2016/12/07 12:47:42Download
Hacel international 2016/11/07 15:58:27Download
Hilclare United Kingdom 2016/12/05 12:17:33Download
ICONE international 2016/12/02 10:27:20Download
iGuzzini international Plug-in
Illuma United Kingdom 2016/06/17 14:28:01Download
ITAB Prolight UK United Kingdom 2016/12/07 17:04:19Download
JCC United Kingdom 2016/11/16 13:39:03Download
Kosnic international 2016/01/25 15:59:20Download
LICHT + RAUM international 2016/11/18 16:37:27Download
LTS international 2016/11/29 14:05:16Download
Ludwig Leuchten international 2016/09/19 13:39:17Download
Lumis international 2016/05/10 16:15:12Download
Megaman international 2015/09/13 12:00:00Download
Noral international 2015/04/13 13:28:37Download
NORKA international 2016/12/06 09:00:30Download
Occhio international 2016/10/25 13:00:00Download
Orlight international 2012/10/04 09:51:41Download
OSRAM international 2011/10/21 14:00:00Download
OSRAM light sources international 2012/08/02 13:00:44Download
Otto Fischer Switzerland 2016/11/25 23:16:25Download
P4 Limited international 2014/03/26 16:59:14Download
Performance in Lighting international 2016/05/10 14:57:31Download
Philips Leuchten Switzerland, Austria, Germany Plug-in
Philips Light Sources international 2015/10/07 12:00:00Download
Philips Lighting international (Switzerland, Austria, Germany excluded) Plug-in
Pracht international (United States of America, People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan excluded) 2016/10/21 12:52:56Download
PRILUX international
PRISMA international 2016/07/27 15:39:35Download
PRISMA ARCHITECTURAL international 2015/09/14 09:10:53Download
Prolicht international 2016/11/17 06:57:26Download
Prolumia international 2016/06/13 15:13:48Download
PROTEC.class international 2015/01/08 09:50:59Download
Regent international 2016/10/13 14:07:27Download
Regiolux international 2016/12/02 12:34:51Download
Relux Demo international 2016/09/13 12:00:00Download
Ribag international 2016/11/08 10:49:02Download
RIDI international 2016/12/01 08:47:23Download
RUCO LICHT international 2016/08/02 14:35:37Download
RZB international 2016/11/02 13:48:47Download
SBP international 2016/10/18 08:53:21Download
SBP URBAN LIGHTING international 2016/11/03 09:36:30Download
Schätti Leuchten international 2016/11/24 00:03:00Download
Schmitz-Leuchten international 2016/11/25 13:01:06Download
Schuch Germany 2016/10/21 11:26:18Download
Sécurlite international 2016/10/27 12:00:00Download
selux international 2016/12/05 10:37:57Download
Side international 2013/10/20 15:09:09Download
SILL international 2014/03/20 12:00:00Download
SIMES international 2016/11/22 08:29:12Download
Siteco international 2016/11/04 07:14:08Download
SLV international 2016/09/27 09:36:55Download
SPITTLER international 2016/11/14 12:00:00Download
Steinel international 2016/12/05 13:16:40Download
Swisslux international 2016/04/22 12:00:00Download
Systemtechnik international (Germany excluded) 2016/12/07 15:13:57Download
Tamlite Lighting United Kingdom 2016/11/18 12:00:00Download
Theben international 2016/06/09 12:00:00Download
Thorlux Lighting international 2016/06/16 12:48:48Download
Thorn international Plug-in
TOBIAS GRAU international 2016/07/29 11:44:28Download
TRILUX international 2016/12/02 13:59:54Download
Tulux international 2016/10/07 10:11:40Download
Vossloh-Schwabe international 2015/06/16 07:44:34Download
Waldmann international 2016/02/18 11:25:47Download
Wever & Ducré international
Whitecroft Lighting United Kingdom 2016/11/29 15:26:15Download
XAL international 2016/11/18 12:34:13Download
Zenia international 2015/07/22 13:00:00Download
Zobra international 2015/11/16 14:00:37Download
Züblin international 2016/12/01 10:40:35Download
Zumtobel international Plug-in
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